Cheap Screen Printing UK

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a screen with open areas on a silk mesh, that transfers ink as a sharp-edged image onto the garments. The open areas of the silk mesh are your designs. A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen, pumping ink through the opens areas of the silk stencil, and directly onto the garments.

Screen printing produces very high quality prints and is the printing method of choice for most designs over 15 to 20 items. Standard Screens are up to A3 in size, but we can print up to A2 sized printing.

Screen printed garments wash well and are very durable, more so than Transfer Printing and Direct to Garment Printing.

Screen printing process

T-shirt Screen Printing involves separating each colour in the design and each colour is printed as a separate layer. The ink is squeezed through the screen and this process is repeated depending on the number of different colours in the design. Gradually the different colours all come together and a design is completed producing a lovely looking, quality and long lasting print. To get cheap screen printing consider that the more colours, the more expensive, as more screens are needed, and more colour applications are also needed. We have to produce a separate screen for each colour and the colours are applied separately.

Screen printing is not economical if producing small quantities as set up costs are involved. We recommend a very minimum of 10 items.

Set up costs are charged for having the artwork or design made into a screen.

One screen is needed for each design and a different screen is needed for each colour within the design. For example, if you wanted a one colour print on the front and a different two colour print on the back then 3 screens in total would be used. But if you are printing onto dark coloured garments, sometimes we have to add an additional screen so we can print a layer of white base ink. This enhances the printing quality. We always aim to offer the highest quality printing.

For a screenprinting quote, please complete our online Quick Quote Form. Garment Printing also use other printing methods including Embroidery, Direct to Garment Printing and Cad Cut Vinyl Printing and Transfer Printing.