Screen Printing Belfast Stoke on Trent

Promotional T-shirts boost Visibility – Opt screen printing in Stoke-on-Trent & Belfast

T-shirt Printing Services specialized in different t-shirt printing techniques such as direct to garment t-shirt, Embroidery T-shirt, transfer & Vinyl printing and screen printing in Stoke-on-Trent. We always give the best printing techniques to our clients at reasonable price. Our experts creatively print and design all colours, images, shape of art or word sentences on any kind of garments.

T-shirt screen printing is a printing process that starts by creating a stencil. Basically, a stencil is a type of device which helps in adding a full design colour, a shape of art and style on a surface of a sheet. Afterward, we cut out those designs or shape of art, then transfer the ink through a stencil on the garment. In this technique, a new screen is needed for each colour and shape of art. It is a longer process than other printing techniques.


Screen printing is economical, in case of an extensive order. This is ideal for large print designs up to A3 size. If producing small quantities, set up cost is involved. We suggest a very minimum of 10 items. Set up cost charged, because one screen is needed for each design. On the other side, the different design is required for a new screen as well as for each colour.

For instance, if your requirement is 3 colour design, then one print on the front and other 2 print on the back. In that case, total 3 screens would be used. Additionally, if your requirement is printing on dark coloured fabric, we add an extra screen that can print a layer of white base ink.  Our objective is to offer high quality and outstanding printing results

Screen printing boost visibility:

A business owner knows the importance of printing, either he is running a business on small scale or large scale. They consistently searching new ideas out there for a way of promoting to enhance the visibility of their brands. Therefore, there is nothing more attractive than a printed t-shirt to show your logo to the world.

Contact us, as our expert printer team is always ready to give the best suggestion about printing technique to fulfil all your printing requirements. Even your t-shirts order in a bulk can be a cost-effective way to visualize your message to the world by opting our screen printing in Belfast and Stoke-on-Trent.