STEP BY STEP Screen Printing Process

WHAT: Screen Printing

Its is a process of applying ink/paint on to the garments using Special Silk Screens which are prepared using your artwork and designs.

Printing techniques: Screen printing machines

Printing techniques: Screen printing machines


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  • Very High Quality
  • Very Durable Printing technique
  • Great for medium and large Orders



  • Min Order 10-15 units
  • Set Up Costs involved
  • Samples expensive



STEP BY STEP Screen Printing Process



  1. Your artwork/design is printed in black ink onto a film. (A film is a transparent material, like an overhead projector sheet.)
  2. This film is attached to a Screen and then exposed to UV light
  3. The area of the screen exposed to the light hardens or solidifies
  4. The area of the screen unexposed to the light is your design
  5. The Screen is washed in a chemical
  6. Your design remains transparent and is ready for printing



  1. The Screen is attached to a screen printing machine
  2. The tshirts or garments are placed underneath the screen on a flat bed
  3. The screen is pulled down onto the tshirt or garment
  4. Then the ink is spread over the screen using manual or automatic processes
  5. The ink passes through the unexposed areas of the screen
  6. The screen is lifted from the tshirt or garment
  7. The tshirt or garment is then passed through a drying machine
  8. Your design, (the artwork) is printed and folded ready for despatch


A different Screen has to be made for each colour in the artwork.

Each colour is applied to the garment separately.

So the more colours means more screens, and the higher the cost.


Washing Instructions:

Follow the garment washing instructions on the label.

Tumble dry. YES. No problems. However, we advise allowing the garments to dry naturally or on a radiator.